Small unit, townhouse & semi detached developments are projects which are quick to complete and often nestled in convenient suburbs around major cities. The project scale will vary dependant on the land size, anywhere from 3 units up to 12+ townhouses. Selling these projects well means having the right 3D images to showcase space, materials and entry separation from neighbours.


Showcasing the view from the street and connection to surrounding sites, the drive through to adjoining driveways and pedestrian entries. Buyers will be interested to know what their new home will look like next to the existing surroundings.


At SuperCheap3D, we aim to include as many of the smaller details as we can, examples of this include stone cladding and the shadowing onto the grout, the timber of decking, reflections onto the glass and internal furnishings behind windows.


Living spaces are the most exciting areas for buyers. A kitchen with adjoining living dining with connection to an exterior courtyard / alfresco space is the ultimate way to engage with emotion. Storage can be tight in units and views of laundries and storage in garages are helpful in proving that downsizing isn’t all that bad.

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Our team have many years of experience in 3D lighting and have devised techniques for creating ambient settings from interiors to balance with exterior morning and evening settings. Morning and dusk 3D render settings are great ways reduce the impact of the overall development and create an inviting feel.

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Always have a 3D render showing the front door and entrance. If there is a garage as part of the property then show one of the garage doors open with a car. Try and show kitchen and living areas with interesting materials that have contrast as we see too many white on white with an off white. Colour and contrast can make 3D renderings and living spaces exciting. Smaller and tighter properties can be shown well with Cut Through 3D renders. These Cut Through renders will give life to the entire property and not just a small view angle. They will help buyers get their head around the floorplans with a 3D section view of the property.

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Inspire buyers to connect with your project. Talk to SuperCheap3D today for quality Unit, Townhouse & Semi Detached visualisations.

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