Major apartment projects often require exterior 3D photo-montage renders submitted to council as part of a complete development application. We create these by merging a photograph of the site with the proposed development rendered in 3D showing how it will look once built.


Apartment buildings require sales. If the building is yet to be built then a buyer will need to see what the project looks like from the street or unique design element. We help find the right angles to showcase the building, such as elevated with balcony and view, across common area pool, entry foyer or hero shot showing the building in its entirety. We’ve found that a striking 3D rendering is made with dynamic angles, lighting and scale.


In an apartment building there will be a mix of apartment sizes. One, two and three bedroom apartments and maybe one or two penthouse apartments. Selecting the right mix of camera angles to showcase is important for the success of the marketing. Select the open layout views, position the camera to show space, design and materials where possible. When showing smaller apartments don’t try and show everything, an angle at the edge of a hallway, entry to a room or even across a kitchen bench can be just as striking.


Exteriors work well in morning and dusk settings. Lighting along with a strong camera angle softens hard surfaces and creates an appealing atmospheric view of the project. The aim is to engage with the viewer and invite them in. Interiors really need to be light in a morning light or daytime setting. Fittings and fixtures are where the expensive components of the project are added, showing them in their best light help viewers understand your vision. If there is a view from a balcony, we can match lighting to view.

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When there are multiple apartment types it is helpful to create colour floorplans so that sales agents can present options to purchasers. Our team can separate and colourise the plans to show materials such as flooring type, benches, cupboards and even position furniture such as beds, side tables and lounge settings. Apartment measurements, development logo’s are all additional touches which we can provide.

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Animations are a great way to show the apartment features and layout. Slow pans and tracking movements allow discerning purchasers with less plan reading ability to connect to the project. Unique features such as swimming pools, steam rooms, gym’s, parking, BBQ areas and grand foyers are easily showcased with animations.

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